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Jim Connelly, Vice President, Lou Holtz Hall of Fame and National Keynote Speaker for the Napoleon Hill Foundation says...

"It's Not What Happens To You In Life,
But What You Do About It That Matters."


Jim Connelly 

Jim Connelly's career began as a young boy living in the projects of a small factory town in Western Pennsylvania.

A street fighter with a bad attitude, Connelly negotiated with a judge to leave his home town in lieu of being incarcerated.

With $100 in his pocket he talked a friend in driving him to California.

Applying for landing a job as a room clerk at the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, within 6 years, he had worked himself up to become the GeneralBeverly wilshire Hotel Manager of this $100 million property, a position he held for ten years.

Exploring other business opportunities, Connelly was invited by the chairman of Shearson Lehman to join the Wall Street Investment Banking firm. He became the first non-college graduate accepted into the firm's management program and graduated from the New York Institute of Finance in the top ten percent of his class.

At the request of the President, Connelly facilitated Leadership Goal Setting for the California Governor's Conference and the President's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities held at Stanford University.Jim and Lou Holtz in New York during Lou's College Hall of Fame Induction

He went on to start many successful businesses and is a consummate entrepreneur - having lived his entire life "outside the box"..

Even with all his success, the accomplishment he is most proud of is the 25 year journey to assist a young woman, who after a serious accident came back from the brink of death to live independently today.

Lou Holtz says "When my bank asks about my assets, I start with Jim and Kate Connelly."

 Jim, you made my induction into the Hall of Fame possible.

--Lou Holtz

Today Connelly is

  • Trustee of the Lou Holtz Hall of Fame
  • Is the Director of the Napoleon Hill speaker's Bureau.
  • Is an "in demand"  motivational speaker.
  • Serves as an advisor to some of America's most successful leaders and entrepreneurs sharing his extensive business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to help their companies grow and thrive during his  Inner Circle weekends.
  • And is sought out by top executives and entrepreneurs to become their personal  master mentor  through  one-on-one private coaching  .

 Jim Connelly with the Napoleon Hill Scholarship Winners

                    Jim Connelly with the Napoleon Hill Scholarship Winners